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Train Songs - Hobo John - Charley Snyder

Making the Old, New – Alan Lomax

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Over the years, in the moments when my creative well has run dry, something I consistently turn to for inspiration is John & Alan Lomax’s priceless collection of folk songs anthologized in American Ballads and Folk Songs (1934).

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Roger Hoover has written songs spanning five records that explore the dark underbelly of American life through melding early American folk, country & blues accompanied by backing bands like the Whiskeyhounds, Magpies, and, lately, The Hurt.

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Ohio songwriter and guitarist Roger Hoover’s plaintive, original brand of arcane folk and blues seem to come from some unknown time and place. These are timeless laments and rambles of a songwriting guitarist and banjo player with one foot in the past and the other in the now.

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