Grain & Grit

I love photography with grain & grit. Same for cinema. And music. I love to hear stories. Real stories. Not "how's the weather" stories but honest, heartfelt, gritty stories. Those are the stories that connect us. That make us feel true human connection. That's what I seek to reflect back to anyone that looks at one of photographs or listens to a song I wrote.

About Roger Hoover

Roger Hoover

I've been fortunate to have lived a very nuanced, creative life. I've explored sculpture, music, photography and business. Each endeavor has been embraced by genuine, thoughtful people like you and for that I'm incredibly grateful.

When I'm not working, I love to explore food (both cooking and eating), travel (backroads please) and cinema (True Detective, season one) with my wife Ysabel and our two daughters.

Photographer & Filmmaker

I prefer black and white photography because it strips everything away but the essence of the subject. My work has a strong focus on people, place, diversity and authenticity whether its portraiture or food photography. With precise consideration to lighting, mood and atmosphere, every image is an intimate encounter between photographer and subject. I work collaboratively, forming a detailed approach to every aspect of the image making process.

I partner with a diverse array of brands from food, sport, public institutions and music, and am involved closely at every stage of the project from beginning to end.


My first act as a singer-songwriter won accolades from peers and music critics, and my song manuscripts reside in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library & Archive. Through songwriting, I have attempted to distill the experiences of American wanderer into eight albums that illuminate the hidden worlds within each of us. 

Features & Press
MasterClass - September 2020
CNN - March, 2020
The Today Show - March, 2020
NBC News - March, 2020
Cleveland Scene - February, 2020
Cleveland Plain Dealer - February, 2020
Akron Beacon Journal - January, 2020

In the News
CNN's Martin Savidge profiles Roger Hoover and his new photography effort, The Porch Project

Watch Roger Hoover and Al Roker discuss Hoover's most recent effort, the Porch Project.

Clients, Collaborators, and Features include:
CNN, ABC, NBC, The Today Show, No Depression Magazine, Rolling Stone, NPR, American Songwriter, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Cleveland Free Times, Cleveland Scene, Akron Beacon Journal, Ohio Magazine, Last Chance Records, Paste Magazine and more.



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