According to Buddhist cosmology, space is infinite. And this infinite space is occupied by an infinite number of systems. A thousand such systems make up one small universe; a thousand small universes make up one middling universe; and a thousand middling universes make up one great universe.

WildflowersUpon waking, after pouring the first cup of coffee, and sitting in my old camp chair, I try my damnedest to quiet my mind, to stop thinking about the work for the day, or the stressors. I focus on the seemingly random and insignificant before me - the robins that return to the same spot every spring to nest; the wildflowers growing in the yard; the chipmunk that has fattened himself on birdseed and made a home under a wall in the garage. This act quiets my mind, and clears it, and helps me visualize the necessity of all that is around me.