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  • Photographing the Speedbumps - Spent an early morning photographing Ohio indie band, The Speedbumps, in and around Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The portraits were shot at Bronson Church, the rest were photographed at the Quarry.
  • Autumn BBQ - Got to spend a beautiful Ohio autumn day at my mother's for a barbecue. I was excited to see my uncle John there. He has quite the history. Born in 1949, and spending 12 months in Vietnam and Cambodia with the 10th Armored Calvary, he has a lot to share. It was nice to grab […]
  • Inu, cattle dog, wading in the water Wading in the Water - Our old cattle dog, Inu, had been sick a few days. Multiple doctor visits, X-rays, antibiotics and still no clear sign of what was ailing her. We waited it out. And, she got better. So, we took her out to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park for a day of river running. We visited Blue Hen […]
  • A Thousand Tiny Universes - According to Buddhist cosmology, space is infinite. And this infinite space is occupied by an infinite number of systems. A thousand such systems make up one small universe; a thousand small universes make up one middling universe; and a thousand middling universes make up one great universe. Upon waking, after pouring the first cup of […]
  • Winter, Fog, CVNP Winter #1 - Winter Fog ghosts up the gravel revealing crows in their murder, peppering deep furrows of broken husks. of withering winter wheat. of autumn bootprints and tire tracks.
  • Waterfall, CVNP Writer’s Block - We have all experienced some form of writer's block - the dreaded condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing. Whether writing a song, an essay, poem or prose, when you hit that wall, blankly staring off into a void, you have one of two options. Quit, […]
  • Mohican Fly Fishing - Late September and Ohio was still warm enough for camping without cover. On a whim, Daniel Holmes and I decided to haul ass down to Mohican and the Clear Fork River to throw some line at brown trout we have heard about over the years. We parked at the Mohican State Campground and let in […]
  • Literature & Music - "Literature has been in a plundered, fragmentary state for a long time." - Author Jonathon Lethem The influence of literature on music extends far beyond what I can discuss here so, for brevity's sake, I'll limit the discussion to a few examples and the influence literature has had on my songwriting process. There may be […]