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Mohican Fly Fishing

Late September and Ohio was still warm enough for camping without cover. On a whim, Daniel Holmes and I decided to haul ass down to Mohican and the Clear Fork River to throw some line at brown trout we have heard about over the years. We parked at the Mohican State Campground and let in near the underpass.

The river was very low, creating some doubt as to whether we’d be fortunate enough to catch any browns. The midge hatch was full bore so we threw whatever was white at the water and struck immediately. We only had a few hours to fish and did so well into darkness before heading home.

Clear Fork River Fly Fishing

Winter, Fog, CVNP

Winter #1

Winter Fog ghosts up the gravel revealing crows in their murder, peppering deep furrows of broken husks. of withering winter wheat. of autumn bootprints and tire tracks.

Writer’s Block

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Literature & Music

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